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I've always said that the most interesting people are those who have overcome great difficulties and choose to live in joy. Everyone has a story. Your story can help and encourage others. My uncle was one of my inspirations, because both of his parents were blind. He was one of the most caring, nurturing people I ever knew. People can also allow their struggles to define them and cause them to waste their lives in bitterness. No one can live a life free of loss, but it's how we handle our losses that define our character. We can come together and decide which kind of person we want to be. The medium of good literature has influenced the thinking of humanity since the first words were ever penned. I hope to influence those who have suffered by providing them with literature that will relate, inform, and encourage.

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From A Hidden Cove

December 15, 2019

Check out my first published book. It addresses the painful topic of how child sexual abuse has implications that are far-reaching, even into subsequent generations. The author made crucial decisions based on her self-perceptions, that were shaped by her mother's scarred psyche. Out of this came the death of her child, her husband, and being captivated by religious abuse. The author was able to emerge from that enclosed cove through getting an education and understanding God's Word. You can purchase it from Amazon or by contacting the author by email at:


Come let us reason together.

Isaiah 1:18


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